The Power of Internal Informational Meetings

Career Development discussions can be awkward:

Manager: “Where would you like your career to go over the next few years?” HR told me I had to ask.

Employee: Is this a trick question? Why is she asking? Are there going to be layoffs? What does she want to hear? “I’m not sure.”

Manager: This isn’t going the way HR said it would… “How about you think about it and we can talk again in our next 1:1.”

Employee: Oh, no! What am I going to do? Panic!!!

What if there were an easier way that got better results?

Try opening your personal network to your employees for informational meetings. Make connections for employees to learn about different groups within your organization. Help them out with suggested questions and a bit of coaching on how to make the best use of the time. Your employee learns about other jobs in the organization and what it takes to get them, and you can start having meaningful career development conversations with them. You and your employee enjoy the extra benefit of the relationships built within the organization that will ultimately help your business.

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